Wingamm Brownie Range
The brownies motorhome range is built on the base of the fiat ducato and the lowered alko chassis. Both the suspension with independent wheels and the longitudinal axle with torsion bar and special dual-stage shock absorbers bring the driving attitude of the Al-ko amc chassis closer to that of a car.
motorhome brownie, wingamm, fiat ducato, lowered alko chassis
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Wingamm Brownie

Wingamm Exclusive Travel Experience

When in 2009 we dreamed for the first time about the Brownie range, the goal to be reached was: ™INTENSELY COMPACT∫.


The range had to include even more compact campers, if possible, than the Oasis and Micros models.


We therefore thought about compact monocoque bodywork, with a new clean muscular and sporty line, to match the Fiat Ducato with ultra-light lowered Al-Ko chassis, with independent wheel suspension, enlarged track width and longitudinal axle with torsion bar and special double-acting shock absorbers.


For efficient performance you must to eliminate the extra weight and the Brownie models on Alko chassis are really ultra-light! They are convincing even in consumption terms!


The monocoque has a decisively sporty line, low centre of gravity, very limited overhang for breathtaking performance in total safety.

  • Brownie 5.0

    Brownie 5.0

    The most compact camper on the market.

  • Brownie 5.8 GL

    Brownie 5.8 GL

    Undoubtedly the best-selling product of the Brownie range.

  • Test Drive

    Test Drive

    Try our camper...


Brownie on a Fiat Ducato base + AL-KO Lowered Chassis = Like travelling on a superior saloon car!


The Brownie range uses a Fiat Ducato base and an AL-KO lowered chassis.


The AL-KO chassis also has independent suspension.


The low centre of gravity increases stability while driving and the wider wheel track considerably increases the vehicle’s grip and roadholding.


The independent suspension with longitudinal axle, torsion bar and special dual-stage shock absorbers make the driving attitude of the AL-KO AMC chassis closer to that of a car than a motorhome.


Engine powers from 130PS to 150PS and 180PS (also available with an automatic gearbox).


  • Entrance door and external hatches made of fibreglass for a smoother, automotive-style look (unlike traditional motorhomes with aluminium side panels and exposed locker doors);
  • Entrance door and hatches fitted with “Wingamm – THIRD” retractable hinges;
  • Entrance door and hatches fitted with the “Wingamm Safety Block System” central locking, with the added security of utilising the vehicle manufacturer’s locking system;
  • External lockers made with insulated fibreglass and polyurethane foam (like the monocoque bodyshell but unlike locker doors on traditional motorhomes);