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Since 1977, when we first ventured in to the world of recreational vehicles, we have always thought of campers as compact, slender, practical, safe and stylish vehicles for adventurous travellers fulfilling their desire to go off the beaten track and reach wonderful and untouched towns and places of interest on our planet.

We never thought of making a camper with a ‘loft’ (overhead cab) acting as a sail to reduces the stability and safety of the vehicle on the road, and increasing fuel consumption.


With the aim of making compact and convenient vehicles, whilst still having the necessary sleeping area(s), we immediately set about working on designing a drop-down bed that, by folding away into the ceiling, would not occupy the lounge during the day.


Since 1977, our campers have been fitted as standard with DOUBLE DROP-DOWN BED installed at the front of the vehicle, above the driver’s cabin.


It is really easy to use. You simply pull it down or push it up manually without having to operate hooks or latches.


This is our double bed that is always ready for use – you don’t have to make the bed and strip it every morning and evening.

Sleeping bags, sheets, blankets and pillows always remain in place and are compressed against the ceiling when the bed is raised up.


Our drop-down bed is designed longitudinally – so you sleep lengthwise on it: This means that you can get in and out of the bed without disturbing your partner.


We’ll be delighted to show you our drop-down-bed at the next Caravan Salon Düsseldorf – Hall 12 – Stand B39