Acoustic Comfort System - Motorhome Caravan Wingamm
The acoustic comfort of the wingamm motrohomes guaranteed by the one-piece monocoque bodywork without any aluminium pieces screwed to the outside that can vibrate creating noise.
acoustic comfort, motorhome, monocoque cabin in fibreglass, aluminium
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Acoustic Comfort System

Engineered for your comfort

The interiors, which have a sophisticated and intentionally minimalistic design are created and made exclusively by Wingamm.


Our furniture, which ensures comfort, elegance and functionality, is never outsourced to external suppliers.


The furnishings are multi-layered surfaces of fine poplar, which ensures top quality and at the same time a low weight. They are covered with fine and equally resistant HPL Abet, Arpa or Formica laminated layered surfaces. HPL laminated surfaces ensure excellent resistance to wear and steam, top hygiene levels and are easy to clean.

acoustic system

The main purpose of the furniture design is to optimise the use of internal space as much as possible and create functional and comfortable interiors in the relatively limited amount of internal space available inside a caravan or motorhome.


The minimal design, clean lines and extremely light colours are not just a creative whim, but a specific choice to lighten, illuminate and add a feeling of space to a small environment.


Without any exceptions, all the furniture inside our vehicles, from the Rookie to GrandCru 716, is secured to the walls of the monocoque bodyshell with an exclusive structural sealant. This gluing system, which is very different from traditional fixing methods with screws, helps eliminates noise due to vibration and friction while driving and ensures greater durability.


The acoustic on the road comfort is also ensured by Wingamm’s one-piece bodyshell as it doesn’t have ABS panels or aluminium parts secured to it like most motorhomes which may vibrate or generate noise while driving.

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