Floor Comfort System: Motorhome and Caravans Floor Heating
Exclusive patent for motorhome floor heating system. It is built with via sandwich system: fibreglass thin sheet – polyurethane sheet – fiberglass thin sheet.
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“Floor Comfort System”

Underfloor Heating

floor confort system 1

This is a special and truly innovative underfloor heating system for the camper sector.



No more cold feet: we offer unparalleled winter comfort!

There is already an excellent degree of thermal comfort provided by the fibreglass monocoque bodyshell, with a double shell and polyurethane foam insulation, but to maximise interior comfort, in addition to the standard heating, we wanted to add something else by designing a revolutionary underfloor heating system.



Like our monocoque bodyshell, the floor also has a sandwich construction system with an overall thickness of 50 mm:


fibreglass sheet + polyurethane foam sheet + fibreglass sheet

The resin-coated sandwich around the perimeter of the inner walls of the monocoque bodyshell already provides excellent insulation.

floor confort system 3

In the floor we fitted a piping system (also in fibreglass) with hot air from the heating system (Truma Combi or Webasto). On the top surface of the floor we have laminated a wafer-thin perforated aluminium sheet to ensure the heat is evenly spread across the whole vehicle. The floor is firmly glued to the inner walls of the monocoque with a special fibreglass rolling process.

floor confort system 4

Only for extreme winter campers!

The sandwich floor further strengthens the structure of the vehicle, thereby providing greater stability to the whole bodywork and ensuring high torsional rigidity.

floor confort system 5

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