Wingamm 40° - Sept 30 - Oct 1 Event - Wingamm
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Camping San Benedetto

Peschiera del Garda – Verona – Italy

September 30 – October 1 2017

Our Anniversary Weekend was fantastic!

104 Wingamm crews participating, all with their monocoques polished up for the occasion, more than 230 friends and customers who celebrated this important anniversary with us.


The Camping San Benedetto campground, on the shores of beautiful Lake Garda with its marvelous fall colors was made even more splendid by as many as 104 Wingamm crews; it was breathtaking!

Saturday morning at the entrance to the campground our Cristina and Flavio welcomed all the crews at the WINGAMM BOX and delivered the Wingamm bracelet to them as a symbol of their participation, which they all wore happily through the entire weekend.

braccialetti wingamm 1
box IMG_8621_rid

Saturday at 11:30 am, Lorena Turri, General Manager of Wingammm supported by our kind friend and customer Roberto Africano, narrated the wonderful story of the Wingamm brand. With great enthusiasm and emotion, she spoke of the many milestones in our success story from the Seventies to the present: we’ve come a long way!

Saturday afternoon there was a walk along the waterfront from San Benedetto to the boat harbor of Peschiera del Garda and then a trip on the ferryboat to Bardolino where we visited the 88th Festival of Grapes and Bardolino Wine. The music, colors, food and wine, the entertainments, the local craftsmanship devoted to the ruby red nectar were all memorable. The annual Festival of Grapes and Bardolino Wine is always a big event, a stage created to honor the wine that is a symbol of an area, from Classico to Superiore and Chiaretto.

Saturday evening we held our Gala Dinner at the restaurant La Forchetta and it was really the peak event of the weekend. The over 230 guests enjoyed the gourmet dishes prepared by the restaurant and shared their experiences of travel via camper; the discovery of surprising destinations off the beaten path, the little country villages, the roads less traveled by international tourism, but rich in history and hidden treasures.


After dinner, our friend and spokesman Roberto brightened the evening by leading a great game with real prizes for the winners.


Photo, Wingamm Team Table

At 11:00 pm Mr Roberto Africano came on stage again in a truly exciting moment when he called onstage Mr. LEOPOLDO TURRI, dean, founder of Wingamm, passionate and enthusiastic promoter all his life of new projects and new challenges. Leopoldo Turri is an important figure in the history of Italian camperism, and certainly in the history of the monocoque camper in Italy; monocoque that is and will always be the “code of maison Wingamm”.

Precisely at midnight the Wingamm cake made its entrance and the party toasted amid music, dancing and good cheer.

Sunday 1 October 2017 during the celebrations, the International Wingamm Club was established. What a thrill!


Since many enthusiastic customers have been asking us to give them a club they could join, we thought the Wingamm Weekend would be a good opportunity to survey the clientele and find out how much interest there effectively was in creating a club for the possessors and admirers of Wingamm campers.


We distributed a questionnaire that would clarify the interest and expectations of the participants and the results were resoundingly positive – almost unanimous – so we decided to proceed then and there.


To organize this important step we needed the cooperation of a customer and friend (Roberto Africano) who has the type of organizational experience needed (he is a doctor, responsible for a hospital division, teacher and expert in communication). He generously provided his impartial contribution.


Taking account of the fact that most of the participants do not know one another, we knew it would be difficult to organize an election on the spot so, after asking whether anyone wanted to offer himself as a candidate, it seemed natural to nominate Roberto Africano himself as first president of the International Wingamm Club.


The response was election by acclamation and the office was promptly formalized, however it will be for a specific periodical term, with expiration.


The Board of Directors was formed by three representative members (one from northern Italy – Milan – one from central Italy – Sesto Fiorentino – and one from Germany).


As soon as possible all the members will receive the club bylaws with the rules and aims of the association, and a membership card in their name. The new president explained that the club will be independent, unaffiliated with any political movement, and will have only external support from the Wingamm company, which will provide the secretariat or some sponsorship.


An annual event will be organized and other initiatives will be evaluated.


To register, contact Erica Turri at Wingamm. There will be a registration fee, just once (5.00 euro) and annual dues of 10.00 euro. The first dues will cover the end of 2017 and all of 2018. Membership will not be by person but by crew.

A mailing list will be prepared for communications and a Facebook page will be used to exchange opinions among the “International Wingamm Fan Club” members.


At 12:30, during the final toast, the lovely Wingamm ladies each received the precious hand-crafted bracelet celebrating Wingamm’s 40th anniversary.


Ambassadors of a distinctively refined “art de vivre”