Ready to Go

"Ready to Go" is a project that combines functionality, beauty and quality. It consists of a selection of accessories, all necessary and functional for use in a motorhome or caravan. The functional idea is to make the vehicle ready to go right from the start, fully equipped with everything needed for the journey, including bed linen, duvets, towels, pots, pans, cutlery and more.
The accessories chosen are not only functional but have been carefully selected for their quality and aesthetics, representing typical Italian care and style, in line with the overall design of the vehicle.

Excellence of Italian Production: The uniqueness and value of these accessories are also due to their Italian production. The 'Ready to Go' collection is customised according to the three new interior designs: COSTIERA, DOLOMITI and METROPOLI. Small variations in style and colour have been chosen to more harmoniously delineate the mood of each interior, customising the accessories to create functional coherence and visual harmony.

Attention to detail: at Wingamm nothing is left to chance! The 'Ready to Go' collection embodies this philosophy by offering a complete and well-coordinated set of accessories to enhance the camping experience.


The kitchen collection includes practical items for life in a motorhome, such as knives, pots, Bialetti coffee maker, 'four seasons' tins, and more refined items such as handmade ceramic VBC plates and cups, Bormioli glass cutlery and goblets, and Rubelli's custom-made placemats and tea towels in fabric for motorhomes.

bathroom and night

The bathroom collection consists of two shower towels and two face towels made in Italy by Dal Filo using high-quality cotton sponges. There is also a personalised room fragrance by the artisan perfumer DFG 1924, with three different fragrances inspired by the three different interior arrangements.

The night collection includes a duvet cover set, fitted sheet, two pillowcases in Dal Filo percale cotton and a Bassetti four-season mite-proof and hypoallergenic duvet.