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We have often chosen different and innovative solutions compared to the others.

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Der Messerabatt 3'000.- auf neu Fahrzeuge ist bis Ende November verlängert.


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Many elements characterize and make the Wingamm travel experience unique.

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Compact dimensions, aerodynamic lines, minimal overhang: these are characteristics that only a Wingamm can boast to offer a truly automotive-style drive and handling.

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Unprecedented climatic and acoustic comfort thanks to the fiberglass and polyurethane monocoque that insulates perfectly from the outside avoiding thermal bridges, infiltrations and annoying creaks while driving.

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The fiberglass monocoque offers unique protection on the market from road accidents and hail. It is easily repairable, does not undergo infiltration or deterioration and has a potentially unlimited life.

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Design and ergonomics


Compact vehicles require design ingenuity and attention to detail to be functional and spacious. For more than 40 years Wingamm has been the market leader in designing small motorhomes that are famous in the world for their design and habitability.

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Value over time


Saving today means facing more costs in the medium to long term, better investing in quality now! Wingamm is not only a very high quality motorhome, but a vehicle built differently from all others to last several decades.

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