Monocoque bodywork means that the body of the Wingamm motorhome (just like a boat or F1 car) is made in one seamless piece, with no parts assembled together.
It is only possible to obtain a monocoque body by moulding/layering it inside a mould.
When the layering/lamination of the bodywork is complete, the mould is opened and the monocoque, a single, seamless shell, is extracted. The monocoque is easily repairable, more solid, safe and lightweight, and provides much greater thermal and acoustic comfort than conventional assembled motorhomes.

A monocoque fibreglass body, double shell, insulated with polyurethane foam has countless advantages over an assembled panel body.

For us, the most important ones are these:

  • Great resistance in the event of impact and therefore greater safety;
  • Resistance to hail and therefore no damage from atmospheric agents;
  • Thermal comfort guaranteed by the expanded polyurethane and the absence of joints and therefore thermal bridges, which also leads to considerable energy savings;
  • Acoustic comfort ensured by coremat-reinforced fibreglass sheets;
  • No corrosion as fibreglass could remain in salt water all the time, just like boats, which results in a longer service life;
  • No water seepage - being a seamless single shell, there can be no seepage causing rotten walls over time.
Repairing the monocoque bodywork is quite simple.
It is not necessary to replace an entire wall or the entire roof as is the case with damage to a panelled vehicle.
Simply reconstruct the damaged part with the fibreglass layering system.
Today, more and more parts in the automotive, aeronautical as well as naval worlds are made of fibreglass because of its exceptional strength and durability characteristics.
Many body shops are therefore able to carry out repairs on GRP vehicles, and Wingamm has agreements with a dense network of body shops throughout Europe.
In short, the construction method is completely different from all other motorhomes, and while it offers superior performance in all areas, it is much more time-consuming. Furthermore, the materials chosen for the furnishings and technology are only of the highest quality, with solutions that are unthinkable for other traditional motorhome brands.
They are in fact motorhomes made with monocoque fibreglass technology, which in terms of handling, safety, thermal and acoustic comfort provide unforgettable trips.
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Wingamm dealers are located all over Europe and it is often possible to rent a motorhome to experience first-hand the travelling experience that only Wingamm can provide. To find your nearest dealer, or one close to your dream destination, click below:
Where we are
We are working on allowing production visits, but for the moment it is only possible to visit the showroom located in Settimo di Pescantina in the province of Verona from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 17:00.
If you would like to view a particular model, please contact us before your visit at 045 7513715 to make sure the model is on display.
All our ultra-compact models are homologated for four seats.
Yes, all our monocoque fibreglass bodywork models are made on a Ducato base.
Each Wingamm, however, is built on a Ducato with a wheelbase calibrated to the length of the model in order to keep the rear overhang as short as possible and ensure the best possible driving stability.
The Brownie model is on a Ducato base but with a lowered Alko chassis.
Yes all models are made on a Ducato base with a total mass of 35 quintals and therefore all require only a B licence.
They are all compact and light, and it would make no sense to build them on a base with a higher overall mass.
All models are compact and lightweight. Depending on the model we range from 400 to 700 kg payload.
While still offering vehicles of limited dimensions (all well under 7 metres), we have no less than five models with rear garages in the range: City-Pro | Brownie | OASI 610 GL | OASI 610 ST | OASI 690 TWIN.
Yes of course, even in our Brownie's garage, which measures just 5.90 metres.
Yes of course, even in our Brownie's garage, which measures just 5.90 metres.
While offering compact vehicles (with the exception of the OASI 690 all our models are within 6 metres in length) they all offer surprisingly large toilet compartments.
The OASI 540.1 and the Brownie (the two most compact) feature a shower corner integrated into the toilet compartment and a generous sink.
All OASI 610 and OASI 690 models offer a shower compartment separated from the toilet compartment by a rigid door.
Our patented longitudinal folding bed has unexpected dimensions: length 2 m - width 1.40 m and an upper clearance height of a good 80 cm!
We offer it as an always-ready bed, in fact it can always be made, with sheets, blankets and pillows always on-site.
It has an opening upper central porthole with a blackout blind and mosquito net and an opening front roof also with a blackout blind and mosquito net for perfect ventilation of the sleeping area.
On the sides it is equipped with large shelves and pockets where everything necessary for the night can be stored.
The two side LED reading lights are also equipped with USB sockets.
The kitchen cabinets always remain open (should there be a need to munch on something at night)
and you sleep lengthwise, so you go up and down without disturbing your partner.
The load capacity is an impressive 350kg.
A trailer coupling can be installed on all our models. The towable mass is 2,000 kg.
A motorbike frame can be installed on all our models. The load capacity is 150 kg.
On all our models it is possible to install a bike rack for both conventional bikes and a lift for E-Bikes.
As far as heating is concerned, we offer the Truma Combi 4 Hybrid (gas + electro) as standard, but it is also possible to request the Truma Combi 4 Diesel.
Of course, excellent thermal comfort and energy savings are ensured by the monocoque fibreglass body with double shell insulated with polyurethane foam.
They are not easy to find because the monocoque fibreglass bodywork, which preserves the 100% from any possible infiltration, ensures that the vehicles are destined to last.
Wingamm owners often have acquaintances on the waiting list to buy.
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