Heated lockers and garages

The rational use of space is always one of the primary objectives in the design of our compact motorhomes, both inside and outside the cabin.

THE external lockers they are important for the stowage of all camping equipment, to have everything in its place and within reach.
We have always used every square centimeter available under the floor, in the space between the underbody and the chassis side members. For each single model we have designed spacious lockers, accessible through the large external doors.

X-trafit garage

The Garage X-Trafit System project is highly performing, resistant, waterproof, easy to clean to accompany the most extreme passions. At the same time it is well insulated and heated for the comfort of those who sleep in the sleeping area in the queue.
We therefore designed a one- piece fiberglass capsule, which completely covers the floor and internal walls of the garage . In the cavity, a hot air tube heats the entire garage area, even on the wall. The internal capsule, one-piece in fiberglass, significantly improves the overall degree of internal finish of the garage compartment.


With the dual objective of avoiding thermal bridges and obtaining a cleaner and more streamlined external line in addition to the “flat-shape fiberglass door and hatches, Wingamm adopts special concealed THIRD patented hinges.

A solid, resistant hinge in Zamak alloy, which works completely hidden inside the door on one side and the body on the other.
Zamak is a non-ferrous alloy characterized by high hardness and resistance. The Third hinge is made up of a central body, levers, pins and fixing screws all made of Zamak. The slots, which allow the fixing of the hinge, are housed in the special “rotating bushings”, whose 360 ° rotation allows ample registration margins. Each hinge is housed inside a protective shell made of cast aluminum. The shells are positioned, by means of a mold, in the foreseen points of the bodywork and subsequently resinated to form a single body with the bodywork.

Map of the External Lockers