A support that should not be underestimated for charging your e-bikes

My wife and I like to ride our bikes and we do it with electric assistance.
We're not the youngest anymore, so loading two e-bikes on our Thule roof rack is always a chore lately. We thought about what type of media could be used to facilitate loading. We found the TeckLift ( www.tecklift.de ) “tecklift” lifting adapter from “outdoorteck” particularly convincing.
There are 2 variants of the tecklift: The tecklift connect, with which you can continue to use your existing bike carrier, and the tecklift carry, the complete version of lift and rack. We chose the tecklift carry and, thanks to the modular structure of the tecklift carry, we were also able to mount the bicycle rails on our existing bike carrier.
The tecklift adapts to the existing attachment points on the camper. So it was not necessary to drill additional holes in the rear wall of our Wingamm.

The Wingamm Premium dealer Rhein-Main - Odenwald-Reisemobile in Lengfeld near Darmstadt carried out the professional assembly.
The result is a really substantial help, which makes loading e-bikes a "simple exercise".
The investment has definitely paid off. The system is very well developed and, compared to cheaper competing products, the extra expense is justified penny for cent. It runs completely quietly and lowers to the ground, so loading the wheels onto the transport rails is really a breeze.