Interview with Calum Watson

The Wingamm product offers customers a unique proposition with an Italian flavour, designed to be a compact vehicle suitable for UK roads.

The British customer is looking for a small, compact motorhome that is easy to manoeuvre on the roads, particularly in the Scottish islands. They are also looking for the feeling of prestige, Italian charm and unique layouts that a Wingamm motorhome offers.
It's a small and compact motorhome that gives the feel of a motorhome that is over seven or seven and a half metres. The Wingamm motorhome offers a unique monocoque body, ideal for the climatic conditions in the UK, particularly in the north and west, where it seems to rain all the time.

The unique body style and installation of a Wingamm offers UK customers something that, in my opinion, is not there at the moment. Wingamm motorhomes and caravans are attractive to UK dealers because of their unique styling.
The Italian charm, the 15-year warranty on the integrity of the bodywork, the seven-year warranty on all conforming vehicles, unique in the UK. It is unlike any other vehicle in their portfolio and if you want to think differently, a Wingamm motorhome is definitely worth adding to your portfolio.