Light is what defines shapes and colours, through shadows the perception of volumes is generated and the sense of pro perspective and with them the understanding of what we see. The study of artificial light in domestic and work environments is of fundamental importance in prodesign, as it is in architectural spaces, the pro design of artificial light is also very important in vehicle interiors and above all in campers where the light must translate into a functional and emotional atmosphere that leads us back to 'home'.
The pro lighting jet of the Wingamm vehicles consists of two types of light, the first is called 'functional' light and the second is called 'ambient' light'.
Functional light is designed to coherently and adequately illuminate some points necessary for the correct and easy use of spaces, this type of light is dimmable so each individual light source can be adjusted in its intensity to meet different needs at different times of the day and night.
The so-called 'ambient' light is instead a light designed to create pleasant soft atmospheres. It usually accompanies moments of relaxation and rest, giving spaces a welcoming mood.
We have chosen warm light shades that can be dimmed in intensity, because according to some studies, this type of light is more suitable for domestic use and has a beneficial and relaxing effect on body and mind.