Camper Oasi 540 a flexible vehicle that does not compromise on comfort

Our motorhome Oasi 540.1 also targets A nice review that we recommend you read.

Wingamm with this medium, a compact motorhomeideal for a couple looking for comfort and flexibility of use, as well as ease of manoeuvre thanks to its compact dimensions. All without sacrificing space with 4 homologated travel places and 3 sleeping places (plus 1 optional).

Solidity in structure and attention to detail are just some of the Wingamm's winning weapons according to the living cabin, made entirely of fibreglass (GRP), which is composed of a single piece and almost completely excludes the possibility of moisture infiltration. A small motorhome that is also perfectly suited for winter, as there are no thermal bridges.

During the day then, the interior offers almost a lounge atmosphere. With the front seats turned around, four people can comfortably stay in the compact motorhome.

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