Four permanent beds in an ultra-compact length. But this is not the only special feature of this gem. The Wingamm Oasis 610M is a case for lovers.

Monocoque structure

The monocoque structure of the Oasi 610M is seamlessly laminated to the cockpit; and all this with a quality, smoothness and level of gloss rare for fibreglass structures.

Sleeping in the OASI 610M

The 610M combines a longitudinal double bed with a drop-down bed, arranged longitudinally instead of transversely as is often the case; another speciality of the drop-down bed pioneer Wingamm.

Lounge area

The seating area is surprisingly spacious for such a small vehicle. Because of the very long L-shaped bench typical of Wingamm, travellers sit at an unusually large distance from each other.

The seat cushions, upholstered in high-quality leather and manufactured with precision, are undoubtedly comfortable.

Final considerations

Its handling is remarkable and its monocoque construction is unique. Anyone looking for such a vehicle can hardly ignore Wingamm. Wingamm has achieved maximum living comfort with a small footprint.

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