In 2009 we decided it was time for a revolutionary idea!

Our monocoque fiberglass bodywork, 100% waterproof, solid, resistant, aerodynamic was no longer enough for us; it was time for a bold up-grade!

The goal was replace the old, monotonous conventional aluminum exterior hatches and entry door (with their usual external frames, visible hinges and the usual abundant silicone, which got dirty and blackened after the first trip) with some doors and a door in solid, light, "flat-shape" fiberglass without external frames, without visible hinges and above all without external silicone!

Total Hidden Rotation Device

Cerniere T.HI.R.D. - mini camper compatto monoscocca vetroresina - camper

The reason that led us to invest in such an important and demanding upgrade was not only to improve the design, that is to have flat-shape doors and hatches for a cleaner and more streamlined external line; the old aluminum doors and entrance doors formed a strong thermal bridge and interrupted the excellent insulation guaranteed by the monocoque. The aerodynamic style of the bodywork has always been a passion of ours, but guaranteeing excellent thermal comfort is certainly in our DNA.

Designing and printing fiberglass doors and doors was a simple matter; we wanted them to close flush with the body and not to see the usual old-fashioned hinges pop out.

Innovation reinvents design

The revolution came by designing a HINGE THAT WORKS COMPLETELY HIDDEN e completely redesigning the entrance door, hatches and all the relative stops on the monocoque bodywork, which today are truly automotive.

We have designed and patented our THIRD HINGE, solid, resistant, made of Zamak Alloy, which works completely hidden inside the door on one side and the body on the other.

There zamak it is a non-ferrous alloy with a high content of zinc of considerable purity, combined with small percentages of aluminum, magnesium and copper. Zinc alloys are characterized by high hardness and resistance.

The Third hinge is composed of a central body, levers, pins and fixing screws all made of Zamak. The slots, which allow the hinge to be fixed, are housed in the special “rotating bushings”, whose 360 ° rotation allows ample registration margins. Each hinge is housed inside a protective shell made of cast aluminum. The shells are perfectly positioned, by means of a mold, in the foreseen points of the bodywork and subsequently resinated to form a single body with the bodywork.

Cerniere T.HI.R.D. - mini camper compatto monoscocca vetroresina - camper
Cerniere T.HI.R.D. - mini camper compatto monoscocca vetroresina - camper