"Valpolicella in Camper" - Touring Mar 2020

Author: Antonio Armano

“… I left with a Wingamm camper to discover this area, its landscapes, its people and its flavors. Lessinia is rich in pastures but poor in water. Don't be frightened if you hear the camper sway when you wake up: it's thirsty cows licking the dew on the bodywork. The camper makes you aware of how much you consume: the water tank is limited and, apart from recharging the mobile phone, even the use of electricity must be reduced to a minimum unless you are in an equipped area. Going up from Valpolicella towards Lessinia, the monoculture of the vine gives way to the wood and the meadow torn from the wood for grazing. The challenge of sustainability is at stake between these territories. Since two specimens named Romeo and Juliet have mated to form a pack, the wolf has returned to hunt. There are predations of cows and brogna sheep (the local breed). Of hen grisa (another champion of Lessinia) no, fortunately. Behind the stories of these animals, returned to the center of life, there are just as many human stories. "

"Valpolicella in Camper" Touring Mar 2020 Author Antonio Armano - Press review - camper