Efficient use of space is always one of the first objectives when designing our compact campers and caravans, both inside and outside.

The external lockers are important to store camping equipment and ensure everything is within easy reach.

Travelling must be comfortable!

We have always used every available square centimetre – even under the floor, and the area between the underbody and the side-members of the vehicle’s chassis. For every model we have designed spacious lockers that can be reached via large external hatches.

Details are telling of the personality!

All the external lockers are made of fibreglass and polyurethane foam (rather than aluminium like traditional motorhomes) to help maximise thermal and acoustic comfort

“A range of opportunities”

Every trip should be lived comfortably

External Lockers - Uncategorized - camper
External Lockers - Uncategorized - camper

All external lockers are completely made of fibreglass and polyurethane foam, not aluminium, because thermal and acoustic comfort starts from the foundations!

“A Baggage of Possibilities”