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Wingamm’s 40 years of history: design, technoly, engineering, patents, production.

Over the years, there have been a number of camper models and technical developments.

Now Wingamm is perhaps the only company in the world that has a wide range of models all built with a high-tech, fibreglass, monocoque bodyshell.

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Many Possibilities of personalization


Interiors with plenty of opportunities for customisation.

For all our product ranges we have a number of variants and customisations to make every Wingamm product unique and original.

All our interiors are designed and manufactured directly by Wingamm.

The interiors, with an intentionally minimalistic yet sophisticated design, are created and made by Wingamm.

The furniture, which provides comfort, elegance and functionality, is never outsourced to external suppliers.

The furniture is made of multi-layered surfaces of fine poplar, which ensures top quality and at the same time a low weight. They are covered with fine and resistant HPL Abet, Arpa or Formica laminated layered surfaces (HPL laminated surfaces provide excellent resistance to war and steam, high hygiene levels and are easy to clean).

There are as many as five different finishes available with fine and elegant textures:

  • Classic PORTOFINO
  • fine MERCADANTE in FENIX Nanotech finishing
  • the extremely bright and elegant Total White
  • glamourous Toucher

finishes are always combined with white to provide a bright, light and relaxing contrast

Each client can choose the desired finish and add a unique feel to the interiors of their Wingamm.

….magical atmospheres…


The customisation options of the interiors includes a selection of styles, which are all fine ‘jacquard’ fabrics which are highly resistant to wear and are combined with ivory faux leather to make them easier to clean.

  • Grigio pompei
  • Azzurro Capri

Plus, for our most discerning clients, we can also offer a wide selection of genuine leather upholstery.

Incredible Features: years of developing for your comfort

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Since 1977, Wingamm has been the no.1 manufacturer in the world of campers with a fibreglass monocoque (one-piece) body.


In 1982, we were the first company who dreamed of, designed and made the first camper with a fibreglass monocoque bodywork. At the time, we wanted to make a camper bodywork with a truly innovative feel compared to traditional ones, and a camper with a strong identity, as at the time campers were already all looking more or less similar.

We always wondered, “Why should our customers do without the safety, reliability, comfort and elegance that they chose for their homes and cars when they’re on holiday?”

As a result, our constant research lead us to an innovative, bold style for which Wingamm would always be well known.

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Fibreglass Monocoque

As illustrated by the word itself, a fibreglass monocoque bodyshell is moulded as part of a single block without any joints.


In partnership with external companies specialising in moulding fibreglass products, since 1977 Wingamm has been experimenting with all kinds of fibreglass and moulding technologies, constantly seeking better quality. In 2009 it completed the ambitious project to create entrance door, hatches and lockers entirely of fibreglass with a skilful automotive-style design.

Wingamm’s monocoque bodyshells are one-piece structures, which as they have no joins eliminate the risk of water leaks, and have an extremely high finish inside and outside. The excellent insulation ensures considerable performance levels also in terms of thermal and acoustic comfort.

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This is a special and truly innovative underfloor heating system for the camper sector.

There is already an excellent degree of thermal comfort provided by the fibreglass monocoque bodyshell, with a double shell and polyurethane foam insulation, but to maximise interior comfort, in addition to the standard heating, we wanted to add something else by designing a revolutionary underfloor heating system.

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Garage X-Trafit System

The Garage X-Trafit System project came about in 2009, initially with the aim of highlighting the extremely sporty and practical feel of the Brownie 5.5 GL that had just been introduced as an ultra-compact camper (measuring just 5.90 m long) with a rear garage (created by transforming the bunk beds) that could rival much bigger motorhomes.

So we designed a fibreglass single-unit capsule that fully covers the floor and the inner walls of the garage.

The Garage X-Trafit technology is the best- performing one on the market in terms of thermal comfort and waterproofness.

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External Lockers

Efficient use of space is always one of the first objectives when designing our compact campers and caravans, both inside and outside.

We have always used every available square centimetre – even under the floor, and the area between the underbody and the side-members of the vehicle’s chassis. For every model we have designed spacious lockers that can be reached via large external hatches.

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Automotive concept

When technology is applied to campers and caravans

In 1977 we were the first company to launch a recreational vehicle with FIBREGLASS MONOCOQUE BODYWORK, a single-unit, self-supporting sandwich structure that still stands apart from the structure of ASSEMBLED PANELS used for traditional motorhomes.

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Insulated and heated tanks

On all our models the fresh (drinking) water tank and the waste (grey) water tank are positioned underneath the vehicles between the two side-members on the vehicle’s chassis, protected by special fibreglass and polyurethane foam capsules. Electric discharge valves are installed in the capsules for anti-freeze protection, and hot air is passed from the heating system in to the hollow space between each tank and the protective capsule: thermal comfort starts from the ground up!

Leave for your winter camping holidays with the peace of mind of Wingamm’s Thermic Comfort System!

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The fibreglass entrance door.

The door is a frequently used part of a camper which is why our technical department, after some behavioural analysis of customers of all ages who used our campers, designed a new door that is now fitted to the Oasi model.

The result of this behavioural study led to a slight increase in the size of the door.

The height of the door was increased from 1670 mm to 1700 mm, and the width from 503 mm to 527 mm.

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THIRD retractable hinge

The body, pins and fixing screws are made with a zamak alloy. The slots for the hinge are housed in special “rotating bushings”, which can rotate 360° so they are adjustable and can be used in any position, while Teflon washers ensure constant lubrication for it.

Each hinge is housed inside a protective shell made of die-cast aluminium. The shells are precisely positioned by a mould and then coated with resin to ensure they are positioned accurately.

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In 2009 we decided it was time to replace old, dull conventional entrance doors made of aluminium (with their same old external frames, visible hinges and visible amounts of silicone which get dirty and quickly go black) with a new and better alternative – a light and sturdy fibreglass door (and external lockers) without any visible hinges and especially no external silicone!

The result: we got rid of the traditional external door handles and adopted a sturdy Fiat lock/handle for the entrance door and designed a truly innovative, unique CENTRAL LOCKING SYSTEM which also offered improved security.

The whole system is connected to the central locking of the cab doors (Fiat, VW, Mercedes) and is easily operated from the ignition key fob.

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Drop-down Bed

the ORIGINAL, PATENTED one…patented by us!

Since 1977, when we first ventured in to the world of recreational vehicles, we have always thought of campers as compact, slender, practical, safe vehicles for adventurous travellers fulfilling their desire to go off the beaten track and reach wonderful and untouched towns and places of interest on our planet. We never thought of making a camper with a ‘loft’ (overhead cab) acting as a sail to reduces the stability and safety of the vehicle on the road, and increasing fuel consumption.

DOUBLE DROP-DOWN BED fitted at the front of the vehicle, above the driver’s cabin.

The sound and stable framework consists of four levers operated by four 65 or 75 kg gas pistons (according to the model).

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Acoustic Comfort System

Without any exceptions, all the furniture inside our vehicles, from the Rookie to GrandCru 716, is secured to the walls of the monocoque bodyshell with an exclusive structural sealant. This gluing system, which is very different from traditional fixing methods with screws, helps eliminates noise due to vibration and friction while driving and ensures greater durability.

The acoustic on the road comfort is also ensured by Wingamm’s one-piece bodyshell as it doesn’t have ABS panels or aluminium parts secured to it like most motorhomes which may vibrate or generate noise while driving.




A guarantee


    WINGAMM OASI 640-P Motrice: FIAT DUCATO Motorizzazione: 2.800JTD Cv: 127 Anno: 07/2003 Km: 190.900 Lunghezza: 6.40mt Posti viaggio: 5 Posti letto: 5 OPTIONAL CABINA: Vetri elettrIci Specchietti a regolazione elettrica Servosterzo Radio Climatizzatore Antifurto OPTIONAL CAMPER: Scocca in Vetroresina Veranda Esterna Lampada Esterna Perimetrale portapacchi...
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      WINGAMM CITY TWINS MY19 Motore: 2.300mjt Cv: 150 Posti viaggio: 4 Posti letto: 2 Lunghezza 5.99mt Dotazione Wingamm 1- Monoscocca in vetroresina 2-Ambient TOUCHER 3-Tessuto MOVINGUI 4 - Porta ingresso e sportelli esterni...
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      VIA NASSAR 40
    WINGAMM Oasi 610 GL   Motrice: FIAT DUCATO Motorizzazione: 2.3 Mtj Cv: 150 Anno: 11/2017 Km: 7.600 Lunghezza: 6.10mt Posti viaggio: 4 Posti letto: 4...
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  • WINGAMM Oasi 610 P

      VIA NASSAR 40
    WINGAMM Oasi 610P   Motrice: FIAT DUCATO Motorizzazione: 2.3 Mtj  Cv: 130 Anno: 2014 Km: 70200 Lunghezza: 6.10 mt Posti viaggio: 4 Posti letto: 4...
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  • WINGAMM Oasi 610 P

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