In this guide we analyze point by point what to consider in the difficult choice between camper van and compact camper van. If you missed the first part of the analysis: click here to read it

5. Kitchen

In van Camper Vans, the kitchen is usually reduced to a minimum, with few storage spaces, a small sink, stove and a frigetto. The kitchen is positioned in front of the sliding door, partially covering the access and making it difficult to use in less mild climates.

The semi-integrated motorhomes, on the other hand, do not usually have a large sliding door and provide more functional layouts and even in the most compact models they are able to obtain complete and easily usable kitchens. In the Wingamm campers the kitchen is a central element, it is designed and made to measure for each model, also providing different variants to take into account different possible uses. Wingamm also pays great attention to the storage volumes and accessibility: the doors and the top, in fact, can also be used with the camper set up in night mode, with the bed lowered.

6. Storage rooms, lockers and garage

THE  Camper Van, maintain the same body as the van and the volume of capacity is even reduced by the insulation material and internal bulkheads. Lockers and garages are therefore non-existent and the possibility of opening the rear door of the van and loading the bikes inside the passenger compartment is sometimes defined as a “garage”, in what will become a bed and a hallway during the night.

In Wingamm campers, however, the lockers are located outside the passenger compartment, mainly under the flooring and therefore do not compromise the internal volumes. The garage, where present, is separated from the passenger compartment and never consists of a simple rear opening, always providing insulated and heated walls to separate the rooms.

7. Beds

In the Camper van set up, the beds can be assembled and disassembled every day, occupying the dinette and the table or cluttering up other areas during the day. These beds are also usually small in size, made with pillows pushed together or with thin mattresses placed on rigid floors.

In the Wingamm campers, on the other hand, the main bed is a double longitudinal fold-down bed with wooden slats and memory foam mattresses. The bed can be raised and lowered comfortably with one hand and can always be kept ready for use. The patented hydraulic system does not require locking and is extremely strong and stable. Furthermore, the careful design of the spaces has allowed the high shelters to be opened both with the bed lowered and raised.

8. Acoustic comfort

When you think about comfort it is easy to refer to the climatic one, but acoustic comfort is just as important to enjoy a trip or a holiday. We have already seen in point 2 like the campers, especially if with the fiberglass and polyurethane monocoque like the Wingamms, they are more performing from a climatic point of view, but the different performances are equally evident in terms of acoustics.

The Camper Van set up, as seen, maintain the metal body of the original van and the furniture is therefore screwed to it. This means that the march is very disturbed by creaks and squeaks of all kinds, especially after a few years. Furthermore, once the destination has been reached, the sound insulation will correspond to that of any van.

In the Wingamm campers, on the other hand, the fiberglass and polyurethane monocoque also allows excellent acoustic insulation, which limits traffic noises and other possible disturbances at night. The furniture is then firmly glued and fixed to the monocoque and all the doors are equipped with gaskets capable of eliminating squeaks and vibrations.

9. Price

Van camper vans are certainly cheaper to produce, simply consisting of vans to which beds and furnishings are added. Therefore, if you are looking for an economical vehicle for a day trip, they are certainly an interesting solution that can be compared with the purchase of a good used camper with similar characteristics.

Nowadays, however, equipped camper vans are very fashionable and the market offers luxurious camper vans, very equipped and with refined finishes and materials with prices reaching more than € 90,000. These luxury Camper Vans, however, maintain the same structural defects as the cheaper vans with shortcomings in terms of both comfort and durability over time.

The Wingamm compact motorhomes have a certainly higher starting price since the living cell is built from scratch, but they keep their value more over time, since their life cycle is considerably higher (up to 10 times higher).

A motorhome like the City Suite, which has the same external dimensions as a van camper van, has a starting price of around € 65,000 and is positioned in a price range corresponding to the premium equipped camper van, while offering comfort and capacity. to keep the value of time unmatched. The brownie model, with similar dimensions, even offers a real internal garage at a slightly higher price, while the Oasi 540 is a smaller gem than the camper van, with a length of only 5.4m and finishes and comfort from top of the class.