Kay Burns, Scottish, formally of Geneva now back in my homeland living in Edinburgh exploring my country in a lovely Wingamm Micros.

We decided on a van when returning to Scotland as we had an apartment in the French alps, one hour from our home in Geneva and having a holiday every weekend was a joy but could not think of anywhere and hour or so from Edinburgh we would want to go to all the time.
Motorhomes are everywhere in Europe so we thought we'd buy one, most people though we were mad as we had never been in one or even rented one or but our thoughts were; it's like a car with your bed, dinner and toilet behind you what could be the issues. We had also done camping for a couple of years before we had our alps apartment and the van would be bigger than a tent so happy days.
We saw a Wingamm for the first time walking back from a day's skiing, it was a brownie, the small one and we thought it was cute and about the right size. We had also seen pull down beds and so size and a pull down bed we're our only criteria. On the website we found the micros and thought that was the one but never managed to see one despite visiting a couple of shoes.
Fast forward a couple of years and back home we tried to find a dealer. It then ended up going direct to the factory and ordering it.
We picked it up at the port of Newcastle in May 2018 and we love it. Even those who said we should hire first, that we were mad and would hate it are now fully with us and maybe a little jealous.
We've had lots of adventures already and are looking forward to years more on the road.

Exploring Scotland with a Micros premium small motorhome - W-People - camper