Micros is our ultra-compact, refined and elegant camper on a Volkswagen T6 base.



The four-wheel drive with 6-speed manual gearbox is available with the 2 most powerful versions of the 2.0 TDI engine (140 and 180 PS)

The 180 PS engine is also available with the DSG automatic gearbox.


However, we would have never thought of presenting a “Total White” version and, initially, we thought it was a risky choice as well!

A customer from Germany helped ease our concerns when, in 2013, she wanted to order a Micros, but only if we could make a “total white” version. She didn’t want any of our other alternatives, which were still light and bright: it had to be something unique and refined.

We are very grateful for that customer’s request as we now officially offer it and many other customers have now chosen the “total white” look:

From 56.200 € ex-Vat

We Are Here To Make You Confortable

Micros is our ultra-compact, refined and elegant camper on a Volkswagen T6 base.

The mechanical base is a VW T6 2.0 with power outputs of 150PS or 204PS, also available with the VW-4Motion all-wheel drive system and the VW DSG automatic gearbox.

It fully encapsulates Wingamm’s approach: engineering, design and comfort.

Wingamm’s dedication to constantly trying to combine innovation, design and engineering is unrivalled.  The Micros has a solid fibreglass monocoque bodyshell, with a breath-taking design of timeless elegance. The one-piece bodyshell is 100% waterproof and more resistant to damage or corrosion. There are no metal elements in its construction that could act as a ‘thermal bridge’, and it is insulated with polyurethane foam – giving unmatched thermal and acoustic comfort!

Wingamm’s lightweight design gives the Micros an unladen weight of just 2,600 kg!

Micro is just 5.30 m long, with the performance and driving comfort of a car, yet with an extremely functional space inside!

The importance of details emerge everywhere. Timeless design.

Comfortable, extremely stylish, with balanced proportions, carefully selected materials and accessories.

Nothing is left to chance, we have made the most of every square centimetre.

The interiors can be customised by mix and matching both the colours of the furniture and those of the fabrics. (link to laminated surfaces and fabrics).

Our Crazy Skills

Isolation 90
Fuel Save 95
Ergonomics 95
Positive Feelings 95


  • The fibreglass monocoque body
  • Floor Comfort System
  • Garage X-Trafit System
  • Insulated fibreglass lockers
  • Insulated and heated tanks
  • The fibreglass entrance door
  • Automotive Concept
  • THIRD retractable hinge
  • Safety-Block-System
  • The drop-down bed
  • Acoustic comfort


The entrance door is in the rear corner to leave as much room as possible on the right side for an amazingly large kitchen with a single work surface, plenty of storage compartments and drawers. The hob has 2 burners with a cover that closes flush with the work surface, plus a round sink with a single-control mixer and sink cover/wooden chopping board by Wingamm,.


The toilet area in the rear (left) corner is spacious and functional. It is made entirely of fibreglass and poplar multilayered surfaces veneered with HPL laminated surfaces. The large round fibreglass shower area is fitted with its own mixer tap


The elegant lounge area is available with a choice of a double dinette or L-shaped dinette.


The longitudinal, drop-down double bed, patented by Wingamm, has a maximum capacity of 350 kg, and is extremely comfortable and convenient to use – simply pull it down, or push it up by hand in seconds. Being longitudinal means it is easier to get in or out of bed without disturbing your partner.


” Fibreglass one-piece bodyshell – a solid structure without any joins – so 100% waterproof;

” Entrance door and external hatches made of fibreglass for a smoother, automotive-style look (unlike traditional motorhomes with aluminium side panels and exposed locker doors);

” Entrance door and hatches fitted with “Wingamm – THIRD” retractable hinges;

” Entrance door and hatches fitted with the “Wingamm Safety Block System” central locking, with the added security of utilising the vehicle manufacturer’s locking system;

” External lockers made with insulated fibreglass and polyurethane foam (like the monocoque bodyshell but unlike locker doors on traditional motorhomes);

” Fibreglass and polyurethane foam floor, fully heated with the “Floor Comfort” system by Wingamm;


L-shaped dinette variant

The standard Micros has a classic double dinette with a central table on the left wall, opposite the kitchen of the vehicle. The dinette converts into a three-quarter sized bed.

Alternatively, the Micros can be ordered with an L-shaped Dinette to provide greater floor space in the lounge area.

Instead of the two sofas facing each other, the L-shaped dinette has one long sofa with a rotating oval table.

Swivel cab seats are standard for the L-shaped dinette variant to provide further seating.

By removing the backrest, the L-shaped sofa turns into a single bed, available all the time.

Night Double variant for Micros

As an option, the classic double dinette can be ordered with a side widening system for the two sofas to create a full-size double bed.

New Volkswagen T6 Micros 40th Anniversary Edition

The 40th Anniversary Edition of the best-selling Wingamm Volkswagen T6 Micros has a new Truma Combi boiler system, with the popular L-shaped dinette.

Thanks to the cooperation of Mr Gavin Campbell from Wingamm UK, Micros is also showcasing stylish upholstery from a new partnership with the UK supplier, Transcal, which supplies many premium automotive manufacturers and prestigious global airlines.

Transcal have recently completed the design and installation of a Special Edition interior trim for our luxury and bestselling new VW T6 Micro motorhome, to mark Wingamm’s 40th Anniversary Edition vehicles. This has already been exhibited at the Caravan Salon, Dusseldorf 2017 with great success.

The Transcal Design team worked in partnership with Gavin Campbell from Aston Leisure, Wingamm UK dealer, just outside Edinburgh. This close coordination produced a unique interior which focused on detailing and advanced embroidery techniques, to reflect a distinctive and contemporary interior.

Wingamm UK has arranged for UK customers to have motorhomes fitted out by Transcal in the UK. There are also plans for Transcal to offer special edition interiors through the Wingamm European dealer network.

Micros and all Wingamm motorhomes are distinctive thanks to their unique, aerodynamic, fibreglass monocoque bodies. This has several advantages as they are not only stronger, but easier to repair, better insulated and, best of all, as they’re all one-piece without any joins, there will never be any water ingress issues. Their interiors also offer something a little different, with high quality, modern designs and plenty of Italian style. Many of Wingamm’s motorhomes feature a manual, longitudinal drop-down bed over the front dinette, to make it more convenient to get in and out of bed without disturbing a partner.