A unique and refined design wrapped in small dimensions for adventurous couples who enjoy touring holidays, exploring villages and destinations off the beaten track, without compromising on style or comfort.
Compact, dynamic and lightweight: the irresistible, captivating performance of the Oasi 540. A truly exciting driving experience for you to enjoy! Thanks to its reduced size and smooth, aerodynamic design of the fibreglass monocoque bodyshell, it provides matchless driving comfort, especially on long-distance journeys. You can now be sure to arrive nice and relaxed!
As well as easily fitting in a normal car parking space right in front of the museum you want to visit! With the Oasi 540.
Despite its compact size (just 5.40 m long) it has an amazingly spacious interior!

From 58.820 € ex-Vat

We Are Here To Make You Confortable

Why set a destination?

With the Oasi 540 you can reach any destination!

Our Crazy Skills

Isolation 90
Fuel Save 95
Ergonomics 95
Positive Feelings 95


  • The fibreglass monocoque body
  • Floor Comfort System
  • Garage X-Trafit System
  • Insulated fibreglass lockers
  • Insulated and heated tanks
  • The fibreglass entrance door
  • Automotive Concept
  • THIRD retractable hinge
  • Safety-Block-System
  • The drop-down bed
  • Acoustic comfort



The curvy, light and bright interiors are designed to use space as efficiently as possible, and provide unrivalled comfort. We have a selection of a number of furniture finishes to choose, because we all like to choose a product that reflects our personality.


The kitchen unit has a contemporary design, and is on the right-hand side of the vehicle: it has a number of drawers and cupboards featuring elegant chromed push-lock handles. It has an amazingly generous amount of work surface! It comes with a two-burner hob with a cover that closes flush with the work surface, a steel sink with a Wingamm wooden chopping board cover, and a 96L Trivalent refrigerator.


The wide and welcoming L-shaped dinette opposite the kitchen is a space to enjoy together and can be turned into a single bed, as required. The oval dinette table is secured to a device that allows you to move it and stop it in any desired position. The L-shaped dinette also has swivel “captain chair” cab seats to provide extra seating options in the lounge area. We have a choice of ‘jacquard’ fabrics for you to select to customise the lounge upholstery.


The longitudinal drop-down double bed, patented by Wingamm, is quick and easy to use by simply pulling it down or pushing it back up again manually. It comes with slats and a memory foam mattress for maximum sleeping comfort, and you can still easily reach the side roof lockers, because this is the “drop-down bed par excellence!”


Compact camper on a Fiat Ducato X250 base – Overall weight 3,500 kg.

Engine power of 130 PS, 150 PS and 180 PS available according to the customer’s requirements.

This is one of the most compact, agile coachbuilt campers: practical outside, comfortable and amazingly spacious inside.

It features a large kitchen unit, toilet compartment with a separate shower area, a choice of L-shape or double dinette seating, plus swivel cab seats, and the comfortable Wingamm drop-down double bed that can be used whenever you want it, as you can leave all duvet and pillows on it, and quickly pull it down from the ceiling.

For couples who like to really relax when they travel, and still be able to park in a regular car park space.

” Fibreglass monocoque bodywork, which ensures high thermal and acoustic comfort;
” Entrance door and external hatches made of fibreglass for a smoother, automotive-style look (unlike traditional motorhomes with aluminium side panels and exposed locker doors)
” Entrance door and hatches fitted with “Wingamm – THIRD” retractable hinges;
” Entrance door and hatches fitted with the “Wingamm Safety Block System” central locking, with the added security of utilising the vehicle manufacturer’s locking system;
” External lockers made with insulated fibreglass and polyurethane foam (like the monocoque bodyshell but unlike locker doors on traditional motorhomes);
” Fibreglass and polyurethane foam floor, fully heated with the Wingamm “Floor Comfort” system;



Upon request, the Oasi 540 N can be ordered with a traditional dinette with two sofas facing each other and a central table instead of the standard the L-shaped dinette.
The double dinette can be made into a three-quarter sized double bed.


A larger kitchen unit is available by deleting the single seat between the kitchen and the front cab seats. The long kitchen option features a much longer work surface going right up to the front cab, also providing extra drawers and an extra storage cupboard.