The Origin - Lorena Turri tells the story of the Italian luxury motorhome brand

The history of Italy's only remaining independent motorhome company is centered on family and a passion for quality. The Wingamm brand for 45 years prourns out world-renowned luxury compact motorhomes. One of the few 1TP26Makers of recreational vehicles with fiberglass monocoque to ensure maneuverability, comfort and safety in all conditions.

The inspiration

The peregrine falcon soars proudly above the forests of the Italian Alps. The quick and light bird of prey, unmistakable in its flying prowess, sets out to reach its goals at speeds of up to 389 km / h: the fastest living being in the world. 

At the foot of its own mountains, Wingamm campers are born: compact, robust, agile vehicles capable of reaching any destination in the blink of their wings.


From furniture to fittings

The Turri brothers, thanks to a great experience gained in the furniture sector, soon became passionate about the recreational vehicle sector and decided to start a small production on their own of outfitting vans of various kinds.

In the early years the brothers dedicated themselves to setting up vans mostly supplied by customers whose sheet metal roof was cut and replaced with a fiberglass one.


Oasis 550 and 600

First presentation at the Turin Motor Show of the first 2 semi-integrated models with monocoque fiberglass bodywork.

They are Oasi 550 and Oasi 600 | based on fiat ducato, already fitted as standard with the now famous Wingamm drop-down bed.


oasis 560 and oasis 610

Following the dictates of automotive fashion, the design of the monocoque is revisited and the lines are softened by taking on softer shapes.

The new Oasi 560 and Oasi 610 models are born on a fiat ducato basis.


Ibis 500, ibis 530 and ibis 570

New range with the first ultra-compact semi-intergals with monocoque bodywork based on Volkswagen Transporter.

There are three models: Ibis 500, Ibis 530, Ibis 570 all designed by the designer Bruno Giardino of the Pininfarina school.


cx 570 and cx 620

Also in 1993, the first range of integral motorhomes with monocoque fiberglass bodywork designed by Bruno Giardino was born: the cx 570 and cx 620 models based on Mercedes or Iveco. 


oasis 540 and oasis 580 and oasis 640

Fiat revolutionizes the design of the Ducato, there is a boom in sales of campers and Wingamm completely redesigns the OASI 540, OASI 580, OASI 640 range


Spinnaker 570 and Spinnaker 670

New high quality range based on Mercedes Sprinter with exclusive finishes and interior in the finest mahogany.

Spinnaker 570 and Spinnaker 620 are born

The interior furnishings of all ranges are also updated and take on softer and more ergonomic lines with shiny and sturdy profiles in elegant satin aluminum. 


Brownie 5.0 and Brownie 5.8

The new brownie range is born, consisting of 2 compact semi-wholemeal products.

They are Brownie 5.0 and Brownie 5.8 based on Fiat Ducato and low Alko chassis.


Oasis 540, Oasis 610, Oasis 690 GC

In 2010 the entire Oasi range was redesigned and the Brownie was born.

We were the first in the world to produce entrance doors, external doors and lockers completely in molded fiberglass with Third hinges.

Even the Interior Design is completely redesigned and we were the first to propose the furniture in white laminate.


City-Suite and Gran Cru

Two new models are born. The compact City Suite and the very elegant Gran Cru.


Oasi 690 Twins

The new layout with twin beds of the flagship Oasi 690 Twins is presented at the FEBB Munich Motor Show


City Pro

The first semi-integral camper with fiberglass monocoque made with the same exterior design and dimensions of the van to combine comfort and maneuverability.