a comfortable and functional foldaway double bed

Since 1977, wanting to create compact and manageable vehicles, we have studied and designed a drop-down bed which, disappearing into the ceiling, does not occupy living space in the day position.

We therefore patented the first and original longitudinal folding bed more than 40 years ago, which today has spread on the market. Our unparalleled experience has allowed us to make it sturdy, light and reliable, eliminating the risk of accidental opening and annoying creaking and allowing it to be closed even when set up and easy access to the kitchen cabinets when it is open.

Why isn't he like everyone else?

The solid and stable pantograph system consists of four levers operated by four gas pistons of 65 kg or 75 kg each (depending on the model).

The bed is longitudinal so you can get on and off without disturbing your partner.

Its use is very simple: it is manually brought into day and night position with the simple gesture of a hand without having to operate hooks or latches and it has a capacity of 350kg.

It's ours double bed always ready, you don't have to do it and unpack every morning and evening: sleeping bags, sheets, blankets, pillows always remain in place and compress to the ceiling when the bed is in day position.

Above the bed, the accentuated radius of the monocoque creates a wide-ranging volume (you can sit without banging your head), the SkyView sunroof allows you to give the right ventilation to the whole area and the LED reading lights, facilitate comfortable reading before sleep. It also comes standard with wooden slats and a comfortable memory-foam mattress.