The new 2022 style is the result of a considerable commitment of time dedicated to research, in terms of design, selection of materials, attention to detail by the whole team.
An approach very far from the thrifty one of the industrial system.
We believe in the value of competence, in the love for quality know-how that goes beyond what the eye can see, giving importance to what only time and continuous use can reveal.

To win the test of time it is essential to choose superior quality materials and to know how to devote the right attention to the workmanship so as to guarantee reliability and solidity.
We believe in the use of highly specialized personnel and in the use of excellent raw materials from the most performing resins and polyurethanes, to real poplar plywood, from HPL laminates, to the finest fabrics.
We like to work with materials and finishes that are not even taken into consideration in the sector to obtain a result that does not accept compromises.

Rubelli - camper

The renowned Rubelli fabrics

The fabrics of the historic Venetian weaving factory since 1889 combine refinement of materials and high-quality craftsmanship, giving a character of great excellence to the settings without neglecting the eco-sustainable, bio-based workmanship, with an innovative yarn obtained from castor seeds.

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Italian poplar plywood

For the realization of the furniture we use only poplar plywood with both sides of quality "A". The A faces are the best because they are finished to be left exposed, but the attention to detail of our founder Leopoldo Turri, former furniture master carpenter, leads us to always use this quality even when the plywood is covered with laminate and usually to save money, BB faces or even chipboard plywood are used.

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For the most distinctive surfaces from a stylistic point of view, we have chosen the expressive force of Kér laminates with refined patterns, inspired by elegant material abstractions. Since 1954, Arpa has been designing and manufacturing panels with high quality HPL technology in Italy.

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For the surfaces we have selected Kaindl laminates which are characterized by a very pleasant tactile effect, an ultra-matt finish and the exclusive anti-fingerprint technology. practical resistant and very elegant.
The essential design, the precious materials, the clean lines, the coordinated colors are not only a stylistic quirk, but a very specific choice to illuminate and enhance seductive environments, which do not know wear and tear. Wingamm was in fact among the first companies, now 12 years ago, to introduce totally white furniture to enhance the spaces and make them brighter.


A solid, resistant hinge in Zamak alloy, which works completely hidden inside the door on one side and the body on the other.
Zamak is a non-ferrous alloy characterized by high hardness and resistance. The Third hinge is composed of a central body, levers, pins and fixing screws all made of Zamak. The slots, which allow the fixing of the hinge, are housed in the special “rotating bushings”, whose 360 ° rotation allows ample registration margins. Each hinge is housed inside a protective shell made of cast aluminum. The shells are positioned, by means of a mold, in the foreseen points of the bodywork and subsequently resinated to form a single body with the bodywork.


The noise of the creaking of furniture and what it contains is a custom for those used to travel with a camper, other than a Wingamm.

We have always paid great attention to acoustic comfort, a comfort of primary importance for great travelers. The furniture is fixed to the walls of the monocoque with an exclusive structural sealant which, unlike fixing by means of screws, eliminates friction noises while driving and guarantees greater resistance over time.  

Acoustic comfort while driving is also guaranteed by the monolithic Wingamm fiberglass bodywork, without straps or other details in ABS or aluminum fixed to the outside, which can vibrate and create noises while driving.