The production of quality, luxury and comfortable motorhomes and caravans requires time, know-how and carefully selected premium materials.

Greater value over time means investing more time in the production of campers and caravans: We take care of every detail, taking about 10 times longer than traditional paneled campers.
But how is a Wingamm camper born? Why did we choose to produce in a different way than the alternatives on the market and what does this mean in terms of greater quality, comfort and durability?

Production of the fiberglass monocoque


The Wingamm monocoque, made entirely of fiberglass and insulated with polyurethane foam, without any joints, is produced according to HAND + SPRAY LAY-UP process.

Manual lamination is a technique in which the laminate is progressively composed through the sequential arrangement of all the sheets that characterize the final lay-up. Finally, the system is consolidated by heating the product inside the closed mold.

The design, the planning, the production are meticulously carried out in the Wingamm house.

Fixing of the monocoque on the chassis


The chassis is first prepared and fitted out: the tanks are housed between the two chassis side members (they never take up space inside the cell). The water and heating pipes are prepared together with the tanks.

The Monocoque, complete with floor and external lockers (also made of GRP) is then installed on the Ducato chassis.

The monocoque is duly glued and bolted along the entire perimeter of the Ducato cab and along the two side members of the chassis.

A double careful gluing is carried out along all the parts of the chassis that affect the coupling with the Monocoque: using a 3M structural sealant and a Würth two-component sealantAt the end of the gluing, our Stepan, head of this department, a true force of nature, takes care of checking all the centerings.



Once the cell has been paired with the Ducato, the PATENTED TILTING BED system is installed.
The mechanism is welded to the Ducato cockpit and to the walls of the monocoque.
Each drop-down bed is specifically calibrated through a series of tests and checks in order to function correctly and manually without the aid of electric motors.
The installation and calibration of the fold-down bed system takes about 4 hours of work and can only be carried out by the skilled hands of Alessandro and Camilla.

production of shaped furniture


The exploitation of the interior spaces starts from an accurate planning and then declined in a meticulous productive work with molds and cutting templates, which are used to create the curved elements of the various furnishings.
Each Wingamm model has its own custom-built furniture to use the space available per square cm: its kitchen block, its specific toilet compartment, its wardrobe, its specific dinette, in Wingamm it is only acceptable to economics. of scale can compromise the optimization of spaces and living comfort, as is often found on the market.

The carpentry department is the beating heart of the Wingamm house. The founders, expert furniture makers, in the 1960s designed and produced luxury taylor-made furnishings for families in Verona and its province.
The tradition of furniture well done in detail, even where no one can see, has been cultivated since 1977.
The search for the finest plywood, high-tech laminates, innovative decorations have always been the foundations for a product destined to last over time.
The plywood chosen is in poplar of pima quality coming from the protected crops of Brivio Compensati.
For the laminates we have selected Arpa, an Italian company that produces solutions to make any type of environment or piece of furniture more original and creative.