What enables such effective thermal insulation for our RVs?

Polyurethane offers a'Superior insulating effectiveness of the 70% than the traditional extruded polystyrene found in almost all recreational vehicles on the market today.

Choosing an RV Wingamm, you make a choice of excellence in terms of thermal insulation. Our technology is based on the use of a monocoque in fiberglass Made from a sophisticated sandwich: two layers robust of fiberglass outer and inner wrap one layer polyurethane insulation.

This solution despite being more expensive results in a improvement of thermal barrier That protects the interior environment of our campers.

Comparing polyurethane, a question of thickness

This graph is useful for comparing different insulation materials; in particular, it shows the thickness needed of different materials to achieve the same R value.
R=Thermal resistance of a material

As can be seen from the graph, the polyurethane (PU) is the insulation material that requires the lesser thickness to achieve a given value of R. In general, insulating materials with a lower thermal conductivity require a lesser thickness To obtain the same value as R.

All this allows a unparalleled thermal insulation inside our motorhome. Regardless of the season, whether it is winter or summer, theindoor environment maintains a constant temperature and uniform.

Thermal resistance of materials at the same thickness

R = Thermal Resistance of a material
Higher R = higher insulation
Thickness = 150mm

Graph showing the thermal resistance of materials at the same thickness

Type of insulation material

Difference in thickness between different materials with the same Thermal Resistance

D = thickness
Thermal Resistance = (7.5m² x K/W)

graph-thickness-insulation-crop-3 - camper

Type of insulation material

The benefits of polyurethane do not stop at thermal insulation

One of the tangible benefits given by the use of this material is a theoretical energy savings of at least 30% Leading to a significant reduction in gas consumption

Going to decrease the amount of material used, without affecting the insulation guarantee, also allows cut weight overall of the vehicle, which can lead to a performance improvement of camper, in terms of fuel consumption and maneuverability.

In addition, thanks to an environment perfectly insulated, free of thermal bridges goes to further reduce consumption by bringing a energy saving consistent.

A Deafening Silence: The Exceptional Soundproofing

thanks to our fiberglass monocoque construction technology you will experience a journey of comfort, energy efficiency and quietness

With the innovative fiberglass monocoque solution, we have also revolutionized acoustic comfort inside the motorhome. This unique, seamless structure with no mechanical joints, Eliminates major noise sources such as creaking and vibration.

The furniture, a key element inside the RV, is designed and assembled with the same care. Attached and glued directly to the shell, the furniture benefits from an even distribution of loads, avoiding the classic pressure zones that can generate noise.