Just a few months after becoming its exclusive importer for Norway, Aktiv Caravan has launched the new website  www.wingamm.no  to showcase the Italian company’s selection of models and provide their technical specifications in Norwegian.


“We chose Aktiv Caravan as our exclusive importer for their expertise and for their ability to reach the right customers for Wingamm,” says the owner, Lorena Turri “We have great expectations for the Northern Europe market as we believe that our products meet the needs of customers in those countries. Starting from our vehicles’ safety features provided by innovative devices and systems, to the selection of insulation materials designed to protect passengers from external atmospheric agents that in those areas can be particularly adverse. “


Extreme weather conditions, therefore, are not a problem for Aktiv Caravan and Wingamm’s customers, as all the materials used to design the vehicles have been selected for their level of insulation and impermeability that meets all seasons’ requirements.

The Wingamm Camper is built with a body in fibreglass monocoque: a single body shell that provides a high level of safety.  In fact, the resin-treated glass fibres form a solid, seamless net and feature a cell with a high degree of resistance, thus reducing the effects of possible impacts on passengers and drivers.

Minimal and exclusive design, clean lines, and light colours aim to lighten, illuminate and increase volume’s perception in a small environment. The furniture, made by our own artisans, is designed for an intelligent use of the interior space, creating a functional and comfortable residential area.

Aktiv Caravan is also a FIAT PROFESSIONAL dealer with a state-of-the-art workshop featuring the latest technology and equipment to offer a professional and prompt assistance service to customers with campers.


By March 2019 Aktiv Caravan will receive the first 10 vehicles ready to be tested on trips through this country’s pristine nature.



For more info:

Wingamm Mail: info@wingamm.com – Tel +39 045 6750108

Aktiv Caravan: post@aktivcaravan.no – Tel +47 40 00 35 70