The historical symbols: Ala and W merge into a hawk, the new Wingamm - News - camper logo is born

The development of an idea always comes from natural combinations that cannot be ignored.

The previous Wingamm logo featured a wing that intersected and echoed the company name. For the rebranding we decided on an evolution that would make the lettering more iconic and legible by combining it with a monogram representing the silhouette of a swooping peregrine falcon and at the same time the W, the company's initial letter. The color of the logo was then updated while maintaining a link of tone to the burgundy to which the identity historically referred.

“The peregrine falcon soars proudly over the forests of the Italian Alps. This snappy and light bird of prey, unmistakable in its flying prowess, launches to reach its goals at speeds of up to 389 km / h, making it the fastest living being in the world. "