The best small and compact campers under 6 meters are studied in design and materials to offer comfort and maximum quality, guaranteeing roominess and functionality comparable to luxury campers over 7 meters in size.

For more than 40 years Wingamm has specialized in designing and manufacturing compact and manageable motorhomes capable of guaranteeing maximum comfort and incredible roominess at the same time to offer an optimal 360 ° travel experience. Wingamm's goal has always been to develop motorhomes with an ease of parking and driving comparable to that of Vans, Vans and SUVs, combining it with the comfort, quality of materials and functional characteristics typical of medium-sized and large motorhomes. premium / luxury range.

To achieve this ambitious goal, Wingamm has chosen to develop small campers with an external dimension: the most compact model has a length of less than 5.5m and 3 models are approximately 6 meters long, thus offering overall dimensions in line with those of the fitted vans.

The compact Wingamm semi-integrated motorhomes are the result of a careful study of the layout of the interior spaces and the design of the furnishings that are tailor-made with rounded and clean shapes to offer maximum storage capacity and ergonomics.

The experience in the design of compact campers, combined with the passion for Italian design and the distinctive choice of producing vehicles equipped with fiberglass monocoque, make the Wingamm small campers luxurious, comfortable vehicles that maintain a high value over time: Small jewels of design, quality and comfort that are unmatched in the market and offer maximum comfort for every holiday in summer and winter.

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