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the latest addition to the Oasi 690 series

  • Porteur: Fiat Ducato Euro 6D Temp
  • Longueur hors tout: 6.103 mm
  • Rear overhang: 1,937 mm
  • Wheelbase: 4.035 mm
  • Steering radius: 14.40
  • Places homologuées: 4
  • Couchages: 4
  • Poids total: 3.500 KG

Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome
Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome
Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome

Oasi is our most extensive and longest-standing range: it has constantly evolved over time with the introduction of increasingly advanced technology, design and fine details.

The Oasi 690 is one of our flagship ranges featuring high standards of luxury.

The contemporary design and strong lines of the monocoque bodyshell, the Fiat Ducato cab with a 4,035 mm wheelbase with a modest overhang, a wider rear wheel track and 16 ”wheels highlight the majestic presence of Oasi 690 models.

There are 2 available models: Oasi 690 GC - Oasi 690 TWINS with a perfect combination of technology, design and elegance, both models

The 2 layouts are very different and have just one element in common: the large, heated rear garage compartment with a double fiberglass shell, X-Trafit Technology and large double bed above it.

The garage is 100% airtight, designed with bright ivory-colored fiberglass to make it extremely sturdy and easy to wash.

We don't believe in fitting carpet to storage compartments like a garage, where it would get dirty, wet and deteriorate, so instead we prefer a more solid and resistant covering for “heavy-duty” use!

The garage is accessed by two large side hatches or also from the inside.

All entrance doors and external hatches of our Oasi 690 models are fitted with the “Safety Block System” central locking giving the added security of utilizing the automotive locking system of the base vehicle.

The floor is entirely heated with the “Floor Comfort System”.

OASIS 690 twins

Oasi 690 TWINS is the newest model of the Oasi 690 series.

It is a special, refined and extremely elegant version, which definitely focuses on the rear sleeping area by offering two generous longitudinal twin beds, naturally with a large garage below.

Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome


The stylish, light and bright interiors are designed to use space as efficiently as possible and provide unrivaled comfort.

We offer a number of furniture finishes to choose from that reflect our personality.

The fabrics to customize the living area can be chosen from our refined proposals, all strictly 100% made in Italy.

Many lights, all LED, set in wooden and HPL laminate supports designed and built inside our atelier for truly unique atmospheres!

Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome


The kitchen unit has an ultra-modern design with a worktop made of precious laminate, including a large and functional sink with a Wingamm chopping board / cover.

It also has a two-burner hob with a cover that closes flush with the work surface, plus a 96L Trivalent fridge.

The unit is located to the right of the living room door, behind the passenger seat to the left of the living room door, it so usable even with the drop-down bed in the night position to guarantee a refined, spacious and bright ambient.

Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome


The wide and welcoming L-shaped dinette is available with a choice of 'jacquard' fabrics.

The oval dinette table is secured to a shifting base unit so it can be moved to any desired position.

The “captain-style” cab seats can swivel to add more seating for entertaining in the lounge area.

Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome


Two unparalleled sleeping areas for those who love well-being and refinement!

The twin beds at the back which develop above the garage compartment are longitudinal.

At the center between the two beds two large steps make the access to the beds easier.

The refined headboard of the bed, made of quilted eco-leather, is enriched by an elegant central storage, large cupboard and LED reading lights.

The longitudinal drop-down double bed, patented by Wingamm, comes with slats and a memory foam mattress and is quick and easy to pull-down or push back up manually.

Duvets and pillows can be left in place so the bed is always ready to use, and being longitudinal makes it easier to get in or out of bed without disturbing a partner.

The side roof lockers can still be reached from the drop-down bed, and with the (opening) SkyView roof window, you can fall asleep while looking at the stars:

this is the drop-down bed “par excellence”!

Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome


The Oasi 690 TWINS'S toilet compartment truly exceeds expectations!

Made with HPL laminated and fibreglass surfaces, it provides a large sink with a single-control mixer tap, a spacious storage compartment behind the mirror, and a ceramic WC.

The spacious shower cubicle is completely separate from the toilet compartment, separated by a rigid door.

Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome
Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome
Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome
Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome
Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome
Camper Oasis 690 TWINS - other - motorhome


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