Interview with James Percival

I think all of our customers are looking for a compact motorhome. They are looking for a unique design, space, even if it is compact, storage space is important, and not just the layout is where the Wingamm brand stands out. Compact motorhomes are, from the customer's point of view, more important than ever. As we travel more and more along the southern coast, world camping is very, very favorable to our customers and they want the option of not being plugged in, but still having the space inside with a unique layout so they can do what they want.

I think the main features of Wingamm that attract our customers, in general monocop build quality is really the strength of the Wingamm product. The quality of the Wingamm product is really the strength, as it allows customers to use it at any time of the year and in any condition, while the on-board features play their part.

Insulation is really critical, because there are different climatic conditions in the UK, so being able to use it in all conditions and all times of the year is very, very important for our customers.
I think the Wingamm's compact size, which allows you to maneuver wherever you want to go, is really important. I was really very impressed with the design, layout and overall space of such a compact RV.