Interview with John Frew

I think customers looking for a compact RV are looking for agility, ease of maneuvering and driving, parking and parking, off the grid or in campgrounds, space inside, and also ease of getting on and off ferries.
Key features that might be of interest to customers unfamiliar with Wingamm are the fiberglass monocoque construction, which sets them apart from anything else on the market at the moment, also the unique layout, particularly with the 540, which offers so much living space in such a short van of only 5.4 meters, and the insulation, not only to keep heat in the winter, but also to keep it out in the summer when it is warmer.

The Wingamm would be popular for people who want to try it before they buy, mainly because of the size, because it is a shorter van, people who maybe are not used to driving RVs would be more comfortable driving 5.4- or 6-meter RVs rather than 7.5 or roller-team, quick getaways, that sort of thing.
It is also a good rental vehicle because of its durability: the fiberglass monocoque structure is quite strong, so it resists the damage that inevitably occurs with rental vehicles, and the interior components are also very durable.