arrive and park wherever you want

with the comfort of your dreams

All the features premium from the Oasi range expressed in a compact form to face every journey with maximum dynamism and without sacrificing comfort.

A unique and refined look enclosed in small dimensions, dedicated to the itinerant, curious, modern couple, who shuns banality and wants to tackle every trip without compromise, to discover less conventional villages and destinations.

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Park on the street like a car, sleep anywhere like a camper

Compact, aerodynamic, light: the performance of the Oasi 540 camper is compelling and fascinating. Thanks to the small size and aerodynamics of the monocoque in fiberglass, driving comfort is unmatched, especially on long journeys.

The small external dimensions (the length of only 17' 6") make it even more stunning given the generosity of the interior spaces.

Technical information

  • Drive: Dodge Promaster
  • Length: 213.39 in
  • Rear overhang: 57.9528 in
  • Wheelbase: 118.11 in
  • Turning radius: 11.40 ft
  • Travel seats: 4
  • Sleeps: 3 + 1
  • Total mass: 7716lb




With wingamm the cabin and Dogde Promaster services are guaranteed.


The rearward positioning of the door allows you to take full advantage of the space, giving you a large kitchen and a spacious toilet even in very small overall dimensions. The living area, thanks to the luxurious finishes of the furnishings, offers excellent liveability even with guests.



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Compactness, a fiberglass monocoque, patented technology, and the highest quality Italian design make the Wingamm travel experience unforgettable.

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Small and compact motorhomes, aerodynamic lines and minimal overhang are made possible by our patented fiberglass monocoque which creates an unrivaled automotive experience unique to Wingamm.

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Luxury means unprecedented climatic and acoustic comfort. Our fiberglass and polyurethane monocoque insulates perfectly from the outside avoiding thermal bridges, infiltrations and annoying creaks while driving.

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Our patented fiberglass monocoque offers protection from infiltration, hail, and deterioration while being easily repairable. With proper maintenance, the fiberglass monocoque can have an unlimited life.

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Design and ergonomics


Compact motorhomes require design, ingenuity, and attention to detail to create functionality and brilliant use of space. For more than 40 years Wingamm has been the market leader in designing small motorhomes. With our focus on habitability and fine Italian design we are now the world leader in the compact motorhome space.

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Value over time


Wingamm's unrivaled quality and craftsmanship means you're buying a motorhome that holds its value. Protect your investment by purchasing quality now so you can enjoy your Wingamm for years to come without worrying about it losing its value.

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