Our vehicles are a concentrate of design, practicality and driving pleasure: a real second home that accompanies you where other campers don't dare! An agile and silent driving experience by limiting vibrations and pitching to the maximum.



There is no turning back once you've experienced Wingamm: Comfort, convenience, and home-like amenities are all packaged brilliantly into its living cell. Wingamm is a home that moves with you wherever you want, whenever you want.

Safety, durability and solidity


Wingamm's distinctive fiberglass monocoque ensures safety and longevity. The monocoque also guarantees thermal comfort, silence, impermeability and unrivaled strength when compared to traditional paneled motorhomes. Added to this is Wingamm's modern safety features which include centralized locking of all doors.


Design and ergonomics


All furnishings are designed and custom-made at Wingamm's factory in Verona, Italy to optimize livability and functionality.
We tirelessly research and invest in ergonomics and functional solutions to continually improve on maximizing our interior space.

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Value over time


The official Eurotax price lists show how pre-owned Wingamm motorhomes are highly sought after and have the best performance in maintaining value over the years compared to the competition. In fact, the first models produced more than 40 years ago are still being enjoyed and, thanks to the fiberglass body and the quality of the product, they still have perfectly comfortable and functional cabins.

This photo is of an Oasi 610 from 1985. The Oasi 610 is still in circulation and perfectly preserved with all its original components. As such, it was awarded the gold plate from the Italian Historic Automoto Club.