Most of our customers are spending their holidays on the snow. They Love skiing. We love skiing as well.

We always wondered, “Why should our customers do without the safety, reliability, comfort and elegance that they chose for their homes and cars when they’re on holiday?”

As a result, our constant research lead us to an innovative, bold style for which Wingamm would always be well known.

Wingamm’s monocoque bodyshells are one-piece structures, which as they have no joins eliminate the risk of water leaks, and have an extremely high finish inside and outside.

he excellent insulation ensures considerable performance levels also in terms of thermal and acoustic comfort.

There is already an excellent degree of thermal comfort provided by the fibreglass monocoque bodyshell, with a double shell and polyurethane foam insulation, but to maximise interior comfort, in addition to the standard heating, we wanted to add something else by designing a revolutionary underfloor heating system, our FLOOR COMFORT SYSTEM.

On all our models the fresh water tank and the grey water tank are positioned underneath the vehicles, protected by special fibreglass and polyurethane foam capsules.

Our priority is your travel comfort, no matter which season you choose.