Wingamm is waiting for you at the Monaco F.RE.E. (the exhibition for travel and leisure) from February 20th to 24th, at PAVILION B4 – STAND NR 301, with its models Oasi 540 N and Oasi 610 GL, the two most compact versions of the Verona manufacturer’s RV range.

Oasi 540

Compact, aerodynamic, light. Thanks to its reduced dimensions and the streamlined fiberglass monocoque, the driving comfort is unparalleled, especially over long distances. Equipped with every possible amenity, the RV includes its world-famous drop-down-bed – patented by the company in 1977 – which disappears inside the roof when unnecessary, to free up useful space. Moreover, the drop-down-bed system allows the vehicle to have a higher performance on the road, by avoiding the loft effect that would diminish its stability, and consequently its safety. Dedicated to itinerant tourists, eager to embark on journeys without coming to compromise, to the discovery of destinations beyond the traditional routes.


When traveling in 4, more privacy for all! Oasi 610 GL is distinguished by two completely separate night areas: a drop-down-bed – the company’s patented model – at the front, and bunk beds at the back. Measuring only 6.10 meters (20 ft.), the space is well arranged, with all areas boasting top comfort for the respective use: the kitchen with its fiberglass cooktop, two burners, and a 96-lt (25.4-gal) fridge; a L-shaped dinette with oval table; a fiberglass and HPL laminate toilet cabin with a separate shower cabin.

Both models boast a fiberglass monocoque designed as a single piece. It includes a safety cell, a system to maintain the chassis as intact as possible, and – along with other safety systems such as chassis reinforcements, safety belts, airbags, and headrests – to guarantee a high protection level in case of accident.

“To concentrate all the most modern manufacturing techniques in a compact RV means the world to us; that’s why we have developed and applied the most advanced technology to advanced spaces for more than 40 years, in order to offer safe, easily driven vehicles without ever forgetting aspects such as comfort and refined interior design” explains the company director Lorena Turri.

Wingamm loves its territory and its unique products, which is why she’ll be waiting for you at the exhibit – in pair with the German supplier La Marca ( – to get a hands-on idea of the two models and discover all their most exclusive details, while enjoying a glass of Amarone, a local excellence of the Valpolicella (Verona) area, a land rich in good flavors and ancient wisdom.


For further information, contact:

Wingamm: e-mail – Tel +39 045 6750108

La Marca: e-mail: – Tel +49 08191-9735548