Our first encounter with Wingamm in the form of IBIS was in the late 1980s on a motorway in Switzerland. My wife and I were immediately impressed by the harmonious and elegant design.
Our future "Dream Camper"! Since then we have always kept an eye on Wingamm products, our dream came true a few years ago with an OASI 540N.
For us this is a sophisticated concept, unique in the world: a high quality motorhome suitable for daily use at 5.40 meters, “inexpensive” in the best sense of the word for its quality and equipment. During our travels it becomes increasingly clear what attention this motorhome attracts, which clearly stands out from the rest of the market.

We are regularly contacted and asked to take a look inside. The extremely generous feeling of space and the very refined interior regularly provoke very positive comments.

We have been owners of motorhomes by conviction since the early seventies, because this type of travel is the only way for us to have unique experiences and we can know areas that would never be accessible on a conventional trip. Our Oasis is our latest "home on wheels" where we feel perfectly pampered.