On our tour with through Franconia, we stumbled upon a very attractive camper pitch. On the outskirts of the beautiful old town of Sulzfeld am Main is the Roland Staudt winery, which has been involved in natural and certified organic viticulture for decades. We were looking for a parking space for the night and we “blossomed” with a wine tasting that Mrs. Staudt introduced us.

The kind hostess served us one sip after another in a fun way and with great enthusiasm. Which is why we have decided to fill our carrying capacity with very tasty Staudt wine. The range between price and quality can be easily understood by the marked differences in taste. The host, Roland Staudt, proved to be an equally good and extremely friendly host, with whom we had a detailed and inspiring chat about wine and “God and the world”.
It is clear that Staudt winemakers care about customer loyalty.
The parking is spacious, there is a lot of space. The city of Sulzfeld is also definitely worth a visit. The historic buildings to see are as inviting as the gastronomy. Franconian "sausages by the meter" are just a key word.
The nice Staudt winery with its environment designed for a mobile home, it certainly didn't see us for the last time.