My name is Ellen, I am 58 years old, I work as a commercial employee and I live in Hürth near Cologne.

I have been driving a camper for 16 years and had a van before the OASI 540. When my box van was "aging" in 2016, I was looking for a new mobile home. My goal was to find a vehicle under 6 meters that still offered me enough living space despite its small size. I was looking for a functional vehicle in winter and well insulated because I also go on vacation in all seasons with my camper.
So I started looking for a van again. But the desperation soon came. Many box vans were now more than 6 meters long and had longitudinal beds in the rear, which took up a lot of living space. All provided only a small dinette with the driver's seats as a living area and the toilet solutions did not convince me either. Furthermore, these vans are also very expensive. And I didn't want to spend so much money on a vehicle that basically didn't meet my expectations.
Then I remembered Wingamm. I've always loved these RVs, but in 2003 they were still quite expensive compared to a van. So why not take a look? The enthusiasm spread as soon as you got on the OASI 540. Lots of space in small dimensions! A dinner with 4 people? No problem. The workmanship, the design and a toilet room that can already be defined as a bathroom! In addition, the fiberglass monocoque is stable, nothing can rust and there are no joints that can leak. The floor, water and waste water are heated in the winter. No more cold feet at -20 ° C and there is enough space to store skis, chairs, table, clothes, dishes and everything I carry with me!
The fold-down bed is easy to use, offers enough space, is comfortable and has a nice wide sky roof. A real four-poster bed!
Sure, the OASI was a little more expensive than a van, but you get a mobile that is worth more in every respect.
So why buy a van that costs a lot of money and is ultimately just a compromise? It didn't make sense to me.
So I ordered my OASI in late 2016 and picked it up myself in Italy in March 2017.
I have never regretted the decision: even in full car parks, I usually find a corner where my OASI fits easily and the little one is agile. We have been to Scotland, France, the Netherlands, of course Italy, all over Germany on the narrowest roads from + 35 ° C to - 20 ° C.